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The Kerry Gaff, FSA hostages tell all, Proof attack photos staged and more.

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Well the past couple of days have been, to say the very least entertaining.  Kerry was speaking on Monday alongside the UK foreign secretary William Hague. The secretary of state repeatedly referred to genocides in Eastern Europe and Rwanda in putting forward his case for taking military action. “We need to hear an appropriate outcry as we think back on those moments of history when large numbers of people have been killed because the world was silent,” he said. “The Holocaust, Rwanda, other moments, are lessons to all of us today.


Kerry & Hague  (Photo AFP)

Secretary Kerry & FM. Hague Photo AFP


 The Kerry Statement GAFF.

The US secretary of state said that President Bashar al-Assad has one week to hand over his entire stock of chemical weapons .  Kerry then added he had no expectation that the Syrian leader would comply.

Russian FM Replies

The Russian foreign minister (FM) says Moscow will push Syria to place its chemical weapons under international control. Sergey Lavrov said on Monday that if such a move would help avert a possible US strike on Syria, Russia would start work ‘immediately’ to persuade Syria to relinquish control over its chemical arsenal.

 US State Department Panic Retraction Explains.

The US state department stressed that Kerry was making a rhetorical argument about the one-week deadline and unlikelihood of Assad turning over Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile.


(Why that’s another fine mess… You’ve gotten us into……. Stanley  Kerry!)


Sergey Lavrov talks to Syrian F.M.

Russian (FM). Lavrov contacts the Syrian leadership via the Syrian FM, who was in Moscow for talks. He managed to get an agreement from Assad to consider the request.

Later the Assad government confirmed that they would be making application to hand over /destroy all chemical weapons stocks stating their willingness to cooperate.


US State Department Statement.

The US State department states that they would review the proposal by Russia and the Assad government and expected President Obama / Secretary Kerry to make a statement later.

Sometime later President Obama stated that the Russian proposal could work. This was followed by a statement from Secretary Kerry claiming that pressure from the US and her allies had brought about the offer from the Assad government. Kerry later went on to claim that his Gaff was in fact a ploy to get a reaction from the Syrian government.


Obama says Russian Syria proposal could be a breakthrough

President Obama said on Monday he would “run to ground” a proposal outlined by the Russians that would wrest control of chemical weapons from Syria and would potentially head off a U.S. military strike against the Bashar Assad regime.

Obama, who conducted a half dozen television interviews on Monday afternoon to try to gin up support for his call for military action against Syria said he would “absolutely” put off a punitive strike if Assad gave up his weapons.

“It’s possible if it’s real,” Obama told CNN in an interview that aired Monday of the possible breakthrough on the Syria crisis. “And, you know, I think it’s certainly a positive development when, the Russians and the Syrians both make gestures toward dealing with these chemical weapons. This is what we’ve been asking for not just over the last week or the last month, but for the last couple of years.”


Chemical attack was Syria rebel provocation, former hostages say

Two Europeans who were abducted and held hostage for several months in Syria claim they overheard an exchange between their captors which proves that rebels were behind the recent chemical attack.

piccinin FSA Hostage

Hostage Piccinin (RTL)

In a number of interviews to European news outlets, the former hostages – Belgian teacher Pierre Piccinin and Italian journalist Domenico Quiric – said they overheard an English-language Skype conversation between their captors and other men which suggested it was rebel forces, not the government, that used chemical weapons on Syria’s civilian population in an August 21 attack near Damascus.

“It is a moral duty to say this. The government of Bashar al-Assad did not use sarin gas or other types of gas in the outskirts of Damascus,” Piccinin said during an interview with Belgium’s RTL radio station.

Piccinin stressed that while being held captive, he and fellow prisoner Quirico were secluded from the outside world and had no idea that chemical weapons were deployed. But the conversation which both men overheard suggested that the use of the weapons was a strategic move by the opposition, aimed at getting the West to intervene.

“In this conversation, they said that the gas attack on two neighborhoods of Damascus was launched by the rebels as a provocation to lead the West to intervene militarily,” Quirico told Italy’s La Stampa. “We were unaware of everything that was going on during our detention in Syria, and therefore also with the gas attack in Damascus.”  

While stating that the rebels most likely exaggerated the accident’s death toll, the Italian journalist stressed that he could not vouch whether “the conversation was based on real facts.” However, he said that one of the three people in the alleged conversation identified himself as a Free Syrian Army general, La Stampa reported.

Based on what both men have learned, Peccinin told RTL that it would be “insane and suicidal for the West to support these people.”

“It pains me to say it because I’ve been a fierce supporter of the Free Syrian Army in its rightful fight for democracy since 2012,”Piccinin added.

Quirico seems to agree with Peccini’s assessment. 

“I am extremely surprised that the United States could think about intervening, knowing very well how the Syrian revolution has become international jihadism – in other words Al-Qaeda,” Quirico said, as quoted by Italy’s Quotidiano Nazionale. 

The 62-year-old La Stampa journalist believes that radical Islamic groups operating in Syria to topple Assad “want to create a caliphate and extend it to the entire Middle East and North Africa.”

In a number of news appearances, both Quirico and Piccinin shared stories of how they were subjected to two mock executions, beaten, and starved during their five-month captivity.

“These have been very tough months. We were beaten on a daily basis, we suffered two mock executions,” Quirico told reporters upon his arrival in Rome, AFP reported.

“There was sometimes real violence…humiliation, bullying, mock executions…Domenico faced two mock executions, with a revolver,”Piccinin told RTL.

Both men were kidnapped in Syria last April by a group of armed men in pickup trucks who were believed to be from Free Syrian Army. 

According to Piccinin, the captors soon transferred them over to the Abu Ammar brigade, a rebel group “more bandit than Islamist.”

“We were moved around a lot…it was not always the same group that held us, there were very violent groups, very anti-West and some anti-Christian,” Piccinin said.

Both men tried to escape twice but their attempts were unsuccessful, prompting the rebel group to punish them for their actions. 

The Italian government announced on Sunday that both men had been freed after Rome intensified negotiations with the rebels for the release of the prisoners ahead of an anticipated US strike on Syria.

Another 13 journalists are still believed to be missing in Syria, according to Reporters Without Borders.


 Intl experts have strong proof images of chemical victims fabricated

 Footage and photos of the alleged chemical attack in Syria, which the US cites as the reason for a planned military intervention, had been fabricated in advance, speakers told a UN human rights conference in Geneva.

Members of the conference were presented accounts of international experts, Syrian public figures and Russian news reporters covering the Syrian conflict, which back Russia’s opposition to the US plans, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

chemical victims AFP Photo

Chemical Victims (Photo AFP)

The speakers argued that the suspected sarin gas attack near Damascus on August 21 was likely a provocation of the rebel forces and that a military action against the President Bashar Assad government will likely result in civilian casualties and a humanitarian catastrophe affecting the entire region. 

The possible attack by US military without a UN Security Council mandate would violate international law and should be prevented by the United Nations, some of the speakers said.

Evidence for the Russian case, including numerous eyewitness reports and results of investigations of the chemical weapon incident by activists, was handed over to a UN commission of experts probing the Syrian crisis, the ministry said.

The Obama administration voiced an intention to use military force in Syria after reports of mass deaths in Eastern Houla, a neighborhood of Damascus, which killed more than 1,400 people according to US estimates. Washington says the deaths was due to a chemical weapons attack of the Syrian army on rebel forces and says it plans to use force to prevent such incidents in the future.

A view shows bodies of people activists say were killed by nerve gas in Damascus’ suburbs of Zamalka August 21, 2013.(Reuters / Hadi Almonajed)

Russia is convinced that the chemical incident was a provocation by rebel forces, which staged a false flag attack to drag the US into the conflict and capitalize on the damage that the Syrian army is likely to sustain in the American intervention.

An increasing number of reports is backing Russia’s position, with local witnesses, US and British former intelligence professionals and Europeans recently released from rebel captivity all speaking for a provocation scenario.



The Conclusion

Although only hypothesis, it looks very much like behind the scenes conversations between President Putin and President Obama at the G20 meeting, brought the subject of Syria surrendering chemical weapons to the fore.  But (it appears) the US side put little stock in the Putin proposal.  However, a gaff by Secretary Kerry and quick thinking on the part of Russian F.M. Sergey Lavrov, brought the proposal to world attention. This in turn gave President Obama the out he was looking for, as it looked very much like the congressional vote was going against him. (However, I must stress this is supposition.)

Former hostages: Belgian teacher Pierre Piccinin and Italian journalist Domenico Quiric both stated their firm belief that the chemical attack which President Obama insists was carried out by the Assad Regime, was actually carried out by or with the knowledge of the FSA. The two men overheard a conversation between their kidnappers and an FSA General.

Pierre Peccinin told RTL that it would be “insane and suicidal for the West to support these people.”

This is even more scepticism being placed on the US, Turkey, Saudi, French, Israeli, UK etc (US+), narrative, proving if nothing else that there is doubt and where there is doubt more investigation / verification is badly needed before the trumpet sounds the charge to war.

Up to today 15th September 2013, absolutely NO proof of the alleged chemical attack by the Assad regime on the 21st of August has been presented to the United Nations (UN) or any of its members (Russia,China) by the US+.

Meanwhile, RT learned that Syrian rebels might be planning a chemical weapons attack in Israel. The possible attack would be carried out from the territory supposedly controlled by the Syrian government and would trigger another round of escalation, leaving little hope of defusing the tension.

Well one thing is for sure, even when the Assad government hands over / destroys its chemical weapons stocks, the so called civil war will simply roll on until or unless the FSA and their Al-Qaeda back up teams attempt another false flag operation. Either way this is by no means the end, far from it in fact. As long as the US+ continue to illegally supply arms, lethal or non-lethal finance and political support to the rebel forces, blood will continue to spill on Syrian soil and innocent civilians ultimately will pay the overall price!.

T.J.  Total World View.



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