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U N: Syrian Rebels have used chemicals

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The latest information coming out of the United Nations is that they suspect that Syrian Rebels may have used Sarin, the claim comes from the UN’s Carla Del Ponte.


Del Ponte made the claim in an interview on a Swiss radio show late Sunday evening, She added however: We still have to deepen our investigation, verify and confirm findings through new witness testimony,  according to what we have established thus far it is at the moment opponents of the regime who are using Sarin Gas.


She did however go further in saying: the UN commission of inquiry on Syria, which she is a part of, has far from finished its investigation.


Carla Del Ponte is a former war crimes prosecutor and current UN human rights investigator.


It has long since been suspected by some, that chemical weapons had been used by the Syrian rebels especially after the Rabbit video which showed in detail the use of chemical weapons on the animals and was followed by a narrative suggesting that chemicals /Gases would be used against the Syrian Army and the regime itself.





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