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Syria: Two bloody years and still no solution

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It is just over two years now since the eruption of violence in Syria which has without doubt been escalated due to the involvement, either directly or indirectly of Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France, United States, and Israel. Whilst at the same time China, Russia and Iran have been unyielding in their view about the transfer of finances and weaponry from some Gulf State members via Turkey, who has been seen by some as having a direct interest in the overthrow of the Assad Regime. This is not to say that both Iran and Russia do not have an interest in any outcome in Syria. Russia has a base in Syria, however from day one, Russia stated that it would not back President Assad or any other individual / Party, instead Russia focused on the rights of the Syrian people to decide who should govern their own country. Like Iran and China, Russia has always been unwilling to align with the US demand for the ouster of Assad as a precondition.


Russia: Recent developments in the divide between Russia & China on one side and the West on the other have brought about an attempt by US, European and Israeli heads of State to beat a path to the Russian President. In a matter of one week the US representative Kerry, UK Prime Minister Cameron and (due very soon) Israeli PM Netanyahu, have all attempted to change the view of the Russian Government.


Iran‘s interest in Syria is obvious to all who have watched the political situation grow over the years in the Middle East. Take a look at this somewhat simple map of the Middle East:



The map shows that Iran is clearly being surrounded, you might say strangled by nations allied to the west, or at least west friendly nations. Therefore it is in Iran’s interest to keep their allies safe. Many in Iran and elsewhere see what is happening in Syria as simply a consequence of the ultimate goal of the west, that goal being Iran. Both Iraq and Afghanistan are more or less in total pandemonium with western allied troops either leaving within the next year (2014) or having already left. This leaves Iran’s borders weakened somewhat, some have surmised that this was the purpose of the invasions of both Iranian border countries.

Nevertheless, no matter what, the fact remains that the people of Syria are paying a very high price for western domination of the Middle East, if this is in fact the goal. The outcome would be catastrophic for Syria and as important its citizens who are made up of many religions.


The fact is that the majority of Syrian people voted for Assad and he was duly elected as the head of state. The main reason for this is the fact that the Assad government/s has a good reputation for protecting the minority religions and indeed the minority views (in most cases) of the Syrian populace. Over the years this allowed the free practice of religion and indeed in some cases financial sponsorship from the state for churches, monasteries, and schools. Syrian people regardless of religious belief felt safe in their cities and townships to openly practise their chosen faith. As a result the population still governed by Assad, are supporting the regime in their own interest due to their fear of being governed by an Islamic fundamentalist group who might marginalize the religious minorities of Syria.


Their fears are not without foundation when one takes into account the fact that the rebels in Syria are made up of Sunni Salafis (Wahabi) groups. Al Qaeda and several groups aligned such as Al-Nusra Front which is believed to be made up of Sunni Islamist Jihadists, their goal being to overthrow the Assad Government and create and Islamic state under Sharia law and reinstate the Islamic caliphate. The Muhajireen Brigade which together with the Tawhid Brigade and the Al- Nusra Front took the base of the Syrian Army regiment at the main airport in Aleppo. The Muhajireen or Brigade of Emigrants in Greater Syria is a diverse group made up of Turkish, French and Tajik fighters although the group is believed to be headed by a Chechen Commander it is referred to by the Rebels as the Turkish Brothers. The Yarmouk Brigade or Martyrs of Yarmouk is believed to have been formed in late 2012 and is based in the Sahem Village of Deraa, which is at the direct intersection between occupied Golan Heights, Jordon and Syria. The brigade claimed to carry out the suicide attack on Busra-al-Sham in the East, although this has not been confirmed. Information on The Yarmouk Brigade comes at least in part from their Facebook page and in the recent past from The (UK based) Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), which is often used by some News agencies / Groups as a point of reference / View and breaking news on the Rebel situation in Syria.


The UN: claim that both the FSA rebels and the Syrian Army may have committed war crimes in this two year period. The rebel forces have recorded their crimes via YouTube; over the two years they have openly killed Syrian Army members and created a video showing their capabilities with chemical weapons (the Rabbit video). No matter how much one could imagine mans cruelty towards his fellow human; the actual cruelty of man is almost beyond comprehension. Having said that the link I have provided (WARNING) HERE (VERY GRAPHIC) goes to show that as a species some have yet to develop. The link to Youtube showed an FSA rebel commander eating the heart of a Syrian soldier. As it has RIGHTLY been removed I have a link to the story HERE.


The rebel umbrella groups the FSA (Free Syrian Army) is the title used by individual groups such as named above, whilst the representative group or political arm of the FSA is the SNC (Syrian National Council) which is made up of mainly Sunni opposition parties from within Syria, although some of these parties are, or have influence from outside Syria.


The Friends of Syria group: is described as a diplomatic collective made up of an estimated 75 countries which has thus far held meetings in Tunisia, Istanbul, Paris and in Marrakesh. Although claimed to have been organised by the United States it is believed to have been initiated by then French President Sarkozy. The group was setup as a response to the Russian and Chinese veto of the Security Council resolution condemning Syria and was outside of the U.N. Security Council (UNSC). Other organizations at the meetings include African Union, Arab League, Arab Maghreb Union, European Union (EU), Gulf Cooperation Council, Organizations of Islamic Cooperation and the United Nations (UN).

With only two groups achieving observer status, the groups were The Holy See (Vatican) and the SNC (Syrian National Council).


Media on Syria: Over the past two years the media in the west has gone to great lengths to legitimize the political view of the western countries aligned against Syria. In the first year of this terrible conflict, US news media, along with some Middle East (ME) and European media outlets, almost on a daily basis had so called experts eulogizing the bravery and rectitude of the Rebel forces, whilst at the same time calling for the ouster of Assad as a priority. In the first two years, time and again these same experts almost on a daily basis claimed that: “beyond doubt” Assad and his government were either doomed to fail or on the verge of falling to the Rebels. Even today some of these News networks and representatives of Western governments using them, are claiming that the rebels are making greater inroads and at the point of all out victory!

The truth however is very different, the fact is that despite the millions of dollars being sent from the Arab Kingdoms and the ongoing (sometimes covert) support from the US, France, Turkey, UK and Israel, the rebels are for the moment stagnant.


Syria / Israel: The recent strikes on Syria by Israel raised a lot of eyebrows both within the Middle East and especially within Europe. Mainly in view of the news which was released only months before the first strike on Syria, which suggested that Israel had given the right to seek oil in the Israeli occupied Golan Heights region of Syria to Genie Energy. It is completely illegal under International law for Israel to grant to another the rights to exploit mineral rights, or indeed for Israel itself to exploit mineral reserves in the occupied Golan Heights.


Syria / Turkey: The current strain between the Turkish government and the government of Syria is a new development and one that is quite recent. However, the realignment of the Turkish position towards the west could be in some part due to the desire of the Erdogan government for the acceptance of Turkey as a member of the European Union.

Many Turkish people believe that their failure to get full membership to the EU is as a direct result of the fact that Turkey is predominately a Muslim populated country.


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